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Feb / 25 / 2020

What is supplier statement and invoice reconciliation? The process of reconciling a supplier statement and invoice reconciliation in general is quite plain and simple. The Supplier submits a list of transactions and the outstanding balance of unpaid invoices for a given period. ...

Jan / 8 / 2020

A genuine reconciliation tool is not about a pretty face, but all about a mighty heart. The reconciliation space is burgeoning and overcrowded these days. Software solutions promising miracles are just round the corner. But a closer look reveals that few offerings include a robust ...

Nov / 25 / 2019

Introduction. Digital Transformation and Financial Data. When it comes to financial data streams, paper as a medium has irreversibly lost the battle with e-formats decades ago. “Digital” does not mean only paperless, but above all being able to structure and analyze the heaps of scattered ...

Aug / 5 / 2019

Government entities often are among the largest organizations in terms of assets managed and cash turnover. They oversee public funds and are responsible for their gathering, safekeeping, redistribution, and investment. Apart from the sheer magnitude of financial management efforts ...

Jun / 18 / 2019

Introducing our guest blogger Andrew Rombach. He is a Content Associate for LendEDU – a website that helps consumers and small business owners with their finances. When he’s not working, you can find Andrew hiking or hanging with his cat Colby. For businesses of any size, keeping ...

May / 21 / 2019

Account reconciliation finds its place in any and every accounting practice, but for some business models it has become a central issue. Transactional industries stand out as the most obvious example, where huge volumes and speed of exchange operations are typical characteristics ...

Apr / 15 / 2019

We are delighted to announce that ReconArt Inc. and Valuement Group srl have established a reseller relationship. The two companies have joined forces with the primary objective to elevate client experience. The added value of the partnership program is aimed at client process ...

Mar / 13 / 2019

Bank reconciliation is one thing that companies cannot function without nowadays, mainly because there is hardly a business that does not interact with financial institutions. While bank reconciliation is needed in order to assure control and healthy finances, it is also tedious ...

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