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Dec / 14 / 2020

Covid 19 has presented both threats and opportunities to the ecommerce industry As the pandemic spread, so did a joke – across social media: Who drives the digital transformation efforts in your company? A. CEO B. CTO C. CIO D. COVID-19 It’s funny because it rings true. Businesses ...

Jan / 8 / 2020

A genuine reconciliation tool is not about a pretty face, but all about a mighty heart. The reconciliation space is burgeoning and overcrowded these days. Software solutions promising miracles are just round the corner. But a closer look reveals that few offerings include a robust ...

Nov / 25 / 2019

Introduction. Digital Transformation in Banking and Financial Data. When it comes to financial data streams, paper as a medium has irreversibly lost the battle with e-formats decades ago. “Digital” does not mean only paperless, but above all being able to structure and analyze ...

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