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ReconArt - Not Just a Buzz Word
by Geri Davies
- March.26.2015
ReconArt - Not Just a Buzz Word
Introducing ReconArt to a prospective client for the first time is always an exciting experience. No matter whether we are talking to a multi-billion dollar bank considering hundreds of users to accommodate highly complex processes, or a startup looking for a couple of users to handle a time-consumi...
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The Changing Landscape of the CFO
by Tom Burke
- March.17.2015
The Changing Landscape of the CFO
The emergence of the Shared Service Centre (SSC), sometimes also referred to as the Shared Services Operation or Organisation (SSO), is certainly no new phenomenon. Since the mid-noughties, the cost and efficiency opportunities to be had through centralisation have been well understood by CFOs. They...
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Conciliación - Soluciones y su Desafío
by Angel Bu
- March.09.2015
Conciliación - Soluciones y su Desafío
El concepto manejado para el término conciliación se define como el proceso de hacer coincidir las transacciones individuales de los extractos bancarios con los datos internos relevantes para asegurar que toda la información registrada por el banco es exacta. Es un proceso que permite confront...
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