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ReconArt is a single-solution technology company providing a modern, enterprise-class, fully web-based reconciliation platform to a diverse, global client base of all industries and sizes. Our firm is headquartered in the United States just outside of Washington DC and also has offices in Europe. We have been serving our clients and the market since 2011.

“There Has To Be A Better Way”

Reconciliation is an integral part of contemporary accounting and finance. Successful businesses often struggle to meet the demands of reconciliation given ever-growing transaction volumes, numbers of accounts, as well as data availability and quality. Though most organizations perform reconciliations (be it manually, in spreadsheets, or using older tools), many find they lack the automation, control, and transparency necessary for wholesome and timely reconciliation.

Whether bogged down with millions of transactions delivered in various file formats or struggling to demonstrate an auditable balance sheet reconciliation process, the common thought among finance professionals was “There has to be a better way.” Our founders had this same thought and it resonated with them.

Born out of Business

ReconArt was born out of these challenges and the first-hand experience of our founders. Their combined background and know-how related to the reconciliation work field and technology inspired them to conceptualize the ReconArt solution. Its purpose was to fill a gap in the market for a comprehensive, enterprise-class reconciliation software that was also easy to setup, deploy and operate – something that would leverage technology and best practice to empower finance teams.

This is why we created ReconArt as a web-based solution that comprehensively caters to all reconciliation needs while also being scalable and modern – not just in the sense of latest technology but also in the way it is priced, implemented, supported, and enhanced over time.

Market Adoption

Immediately after its first version release in 2011, ReconArt was adopted by several large banks and companies, establishing it as a leading software in the reconciliation space. Many more great clients from across the globe have joined us since, featuring banking, financial services, fintech, travel, ecommerce, insurance as well as government and education entities. We are very proud of our diverse Customer & Industry Profile and our work with our clients. Wherever possible, we share the results of our mutual success in Case Studies which we encourage you to review.

What Drives Us

Our client community is our greatest asset and we are constantly learning from our customers’ experiences and challenges in the reconciliation space. We partner very closely with them to understand their current and future needs and to secure our mutual success. Mastering and optimizing the reconciliation process is both work and passion for us and our customers. We believe that people can do their work, or anything they are passionate about, with the mastery and aptitude needed to produce a true work of art. We hope you will join our ReconArtist community and our mutual dedication to this dynamic and exciting work area.

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Case Study

Progressive Credit Kenya: automation of daily bank reconciliations in the microfinance business

Progressive Credit Kenya: automation of daily bank reconciliations in the microfinance business

Industry: Financial Services, Lending
Focus: Bank reconciliation, streamlined exceptions management

Progressive Credit is a microfinance organization founded in 2011. The company operates in 27 branches across Kenya with the mission to design innovative credit product tailored for consumers & SME.

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ReconArt Customers

Here are some of the customers who leverage our reconciliation software to automate their reconciliation and close processes.

Umpqua bank
Calgary co op B&W
Choice Bank
Fiat Chrysler

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