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How can ReconArt add opportunity and value as your partner?

ReconArt offers a leading full-scale reconciliation solution that can be easily integrated with any existing software system, application and infrastructure while being easy to use, efficient and non-disruptive.

We aim to create honest and productive partnerships with clear terms, constant support and focus on positive client experience in every single case.

Consultants and implementators

Consultants & Implementators

Partnering with ReconArt allows you to expand the value-added services you recommend to customers in keeping their business-critical information systems up and running.

ReconArt solution offers functionalities that address issues and solve problems commonly observed in companies in need of optimization, improvement and operational excellence. It is a self-sufficient tool that is designed for the business user and fits ideally any company size.

Comprehensive transaction matching and data enrichment functions represent a main differentiator to other similar solutions and return immediate value for the customers. The clear transactional view that comes as a result of the reconciliation capabilities provides the data required for further variance analysis and reporting, for better visibility on actual and expected balances, transparent exception management, financial close and certification.

The tool has powerful automation functions and can save days of manual work while putting a strong focus on compliance with granular audit trail, configurable accesses and workflows, separation of duties and account certification.

Partnering with ReconArt offers our Outsourcing & Transformation Partners a single, flexible solution to manage clients of any size, from small businesses and fast-growing startups to global enterprises. The ReconArt solution brings unbeatable value to any transformation process as it boosts efficiency by automating a number of operations usually done manually, by easily onboarding new processes while optimizing others, meanwhile maintaining full control and visibility.

The powerful functionality allows a faultless flow of information from data import/export, transformation and data enrichment, matching, exception management, reporting and analytics, period end reconciliation/closing, compliance and auditability, certification, variance analysis, journal entries back to the GL. ReconArt equips you with transformational capabilities for greater cost-effectiveness and improved efficiency to speed time to value with a single platform, ready to scale.

Outsourcing and transformation

Outsourcing & Transformation

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Our full scale reconciliation tool can complement and enhance your ERP solution by adding the transaction matching functionality that often lacks in ERP platforms. High volume, complex matching needs exist across the board in small to enterprise environments, requiring matching functionality that is feature rich, fully configurable, highly flexible, and business-user owned.

The ReconArt matching engine answers this need by providing all the essential building blocks to fully support any matching operation. The integration is easy and the benefits around automation, visibility and efficiency are a true differentiator when tailoring a complete solution.

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