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Sep / 5 / 2019

The Travel Industry in 2019: Trends, Challenges and How Reconciliation Solutions Bring Value

Traveling the globe in 80 days might have been a miraculous achievement in the 19th century, but in today‘s ...

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Aug / 5 / 2019

US State Treasury – Reconciling Complexity for the Common Good

Government entities often are among the largest organizations in terms of assets managed and cash turnover. They oversee public funds and are responsible for their gathering, safekeeping, redistribution, and investment. Apart from the sheer magnitude of financial management efforts required, institutions in custody of public funds must comply with high ...

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Jun / 18 / 2019

How and Why to Pay for Account Reconciliation Services

Introducing our guest blogger Andrew Rombach. He is a Content Associate for LendEDU – a website that helps consumers and ...

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May / 21 / 2019

Reconciliation for eCommerce – the ReconArt experience

Reconciliation finds its place in any and every accounting practice, but for some business models it has become a central issue. Transactional industries stand out as the most obvious example, where huge volumes and speed of exchange operations are typical characteristics on top of cash amounts turnover. Retail business and ...

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Apr / 15 / 2019

ReconArt – Valuement Partnership Announcement

We are delighted to announce that ReconArt Inc. and Valuement Group srl have established a reseller relationship. The two companies have joined forces with the primary objective to elevate client experience. The added value of ...

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Mar / 13 / 2019

Bank Reconciliation Challenges and Solutions: The Textbook Example

Bank reconciliation is one thing that companies cannot function without nowadays, mainly because there is hardly a business that does not interact with financial institutions. While bank reconciliation is needed and wanted in order to assure control and healthy finances, it is also tedious to a level that often discourages and ...

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Feb / 26 / 2019

ReconArt Launches New Website

We are delighted to announce the launch of ReconArt’s new website! We have placed more focus on our core values, way of work, and added value for our client community. With refreshed design, navigation and content updates, we have also enhanced the user experience, making it as easy as possible for prospects to find the information ...

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Jan / 30 / 2019

The Remittance Industry & Reconciliation – the ReconArt Perspective

Industry Overview Payment services and their evolving online and mobile cash transfer channels have emerged as a flourishing industry. People across borders connect and engage in trade exchange with increased convenience. The payment platforms facilitate B2B, C2B and increasingly so P2P transfers, both domestic ...

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Jan / 15 / 2019

Breaking down reconciliation: types, processes, challenges

When most people hear “reconciliation” they usually think of the direct meaning of the word i.e. “to bring together again” or “to make friendly again”. Even when you open a dictionary, the first explanation is “to find a way in which two situations or beliefs that are opposed to each other can agree and exist together“. Indeed, this ...

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Dec / 17 / 2018

Santa Needs Reconciliation Software, Too

“He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice. He’s gonna find out who’s been naughty or nice…”   Christmas is coming again – a busy period for Santa Claus. Have you ever considered the enormous effort Santa is facing here? And we are ...

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Premier Credit

Industry: Finance, Financial Services, Lending
Focus: Multiple Bank Sources, Automation

Premier Credit Limited is a microfinance company established in 2013 to provide credit only financial solutions to small and microfinance entrepreneurs in East Africa.

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