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ReconArt Is Developing Its Partnership Channel

ReconArt is a single-solution technology company providing a modern, enterprise-class, fully web-based reconciliation platform to a diverse, global client base of all industries and sizes. Our firm is headquartered in the United States just outside of Washington DC and also has offices in Europe. We have been serving our clients and the market since 2011.

ReconArt is created as a web-based solution that comprehensively caters to all reconciliation needs while also being scalable and modern – not just in the sense of latest technology but also in the way it is priced, implemented, supported, and enhanced over time.

Why is ReconArt different from other similar solutions?

  • It is a full scale reconciliation tool – it originates from its matching engine and can perform any type of reconciliation – for financial, non-financial and industry specific data
  • We constantly reinvest and make the tool better – 2 major new releases per year based on market trends and client feedback and multiple small releases in-between
  • Total reconciliation lifecycle in just one integrated solution – data import, transformation and enrichment, matching, exception management, reporting and analytics, period end reconciliation, certification, compliance and auditability, journal entries back to the GL
  • You can rely on very strong ETL and automation capabilities, configurable by business users
  • Enhanced compliance is a focus– super granular audit trail, configurable workflow, total visibility, separation of duties
  • Self-sufficient and business user oriented


Why being a ReconArt partner isPartnership Grows

  • so different to other partnerships
  • a great experience
  • easy and beneficial?

Successful partnerships have always been a hot topic and main concern for both companies and analysts who strive to find the perfect recipe for joining forces. We also put great effort in developing our program – we aim to provide maximum value for our partners, to utilize our competencies, both technical and industry specific, and to leverage all strategic advantages of the solution.

Partnerships in ReconArt matter a lot. We understand, appreciate and respect our partners and seek to provide mutually beneficial and successful relations that create added value, foster development and inspire market innovations.

ReconArt offers different kinds of partnership models to fit any need and is flexible to accommodate specific requirements. It all comes with transparent pricing and clear terms. At the same time we solve a number of potential challenges that partners usually face. It is easy and convenient to cooperate with ReconArt:

  1. We take care of hosting our solutions and supporting the required environment
  2. We take full care of the application’s support
  3. We can take care of the implementation in case you do not have the capacity to handle it
  4. Our solution works equally well with any industry and any company size
  5. We are not afraid to stay flexible and confront unique cases and problems

We invest constantly and heavily to align our solution with client requirements while helping our partners understand and meet their ever-changing needs. It is a process of continuous improvement that differentiates ReconArt from similar solutions on the market. At the end, our ultimate goal is to respond fully to both customer and partner challenges in the most efficient way.

Learn more about the Partnership Program at ReconArt: https://www.reconart.com/become-partner/

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