Operational Efficiencies

How to Own Self-Sufficient Reconciliation Processes For Your Business

by Jeremy Shanahan

Jeremy Shanahan
Self-sufficiency, the ability to supply one’s own needs without external assistance, is essential for any business team which strives to maintain control of its operations, without being overly dependent on external parties. This is especially true for businesses that have to process a large volume of transactions from multiple internal and external accounts....
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Implementing A Reconciliation Solution – The Business Case Made

by Tom Burke

Tom Burke
It is crucially important that all organizations, which rightly seek financial stability and control, pay careful attention to the need to deploy a robust reconciliation solution. The results of failing to do this, with the necessarily high degree of operational detail required, can be catastrophic for their reputation, both corporately and for their culpable senior officers...
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Cost Savings of 40% in Under 2 Weeks – Really Possible?

by Nicolo Nisbett

Nicolo Nisbett
Recently I was in the office and overheard a call between one of our senior consultants and the Director of Accounting Operations at one of our newer clients in the Insurance industry. They were just in the process of going live on the ReconArt™ reconciliation platform. With a large number of franchise sto...
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