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May / 18 / 2018

GDPR and ReconArt – Our Commitment to Data Privacy

GDPR: What is it all about? The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) officially comes into effect on May 25, 2018. The compliance deadline which was a long time coming is now only 1 short week away, and even in the final days, the affected portion of the business world has been buzzing with activities ...

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Aug / 7 / 2017

Enabling Enterprise-class Security in ReconArt

As designers of a world-class enterprise system, ReconArt has always had significant focus on application security. We have purposefully integrated enterprise security best practices in the application to keep access and data secured, while simultaneously keeping configuration and management ...

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Feb / 9 / 2015

The FCA PS14/9 regulations: Coming, Ready or Not

The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation PS14/9 related to custody assets and client money has a backstop for implementation of 1 June 2015. Compliance with the rules in the client assets sourcebook (CASS) has never been more important. There is now considerable ‘noise’ from the FCA given the short timescale for implementation, ...

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Aug / 22 / 2014

Is Your Financial Reporting SEC Compliant?

When you hear those letters, SEC, what comes to mind? To some it's the call sign of a superhero tasked with protecting the American people from fraud and keeping Wall Street accountable. To others it's a dreaded governmental bureaucracy creating endless paperwork and headaches. So although many of us are familiar with the SEC from news headlines, not ...

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Jul / 30 / 2014

New FCA CASS Rules Require Robust Reconciliation Technology

Far reaching new rules introduced by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with respect to customers’ monies and assets have been encompassed under policy statement 14/9 ( These ...

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Feb / 6 / 2014

How to set up your EMIR OTC Derivatives Portfolio Reconciliation

Risk Mitigation Techniques such as Portfolio Reconciliation for uncleared trades must be applied by firms as described in article 13 of the EMIR regulation. Depending your exact business this can be an easy exercise or a real burden. When you are a non-financial counterparty with 100 or less contracts you have to perform the portfolio reconciliation ...

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Banco Unico

Industry: Banking
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Banco Unico, the fifth largest bank in Mozambique, has earned a reputation of an innovative, dynamic and client oriented financial institution

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