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ReconArt was designed from the very beginning with scalability in mind. One of the requirements behind all ReconArt functionality and features is to ensure that the logic, design and performance are supportive of an expansive scope of use – number of system users and accounts, number of configured processes and data feeds, and transaction volume. In its largest deployments, ReconArt helps clients reconcile thousands of accounts with over a million transactions per day across hundreds of users. Even larger deployments can be supported with some additional configuration. Once your team is fully trained, they are able to scale ReconArt’s use on their own, including adding new data sources, reconciliations, workflow changes, and user administration, with involvement from ReconArt support only if needed.

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Similarly, ReconArt’s pricing strategy is in line with enabling and supporting our clients’ growth. It is easy to expand your scope use of ReconArt on all fronts – whether by adding more users, increasing your storage space, or significantly increasing your transaction volume. While there are natural costs with expanding usage, they are incremental and reasonable. We aim to foster long-term partnership versus short-term material gain that can easily become punitive for high-growth businesses, especially around transaction volume. With ReconArt, your expense-to-value ratio is predictable and preserved even as you grow.

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Case Study


Audubon Engineering

Industry: Engineering
Focus: Bank and Cash Recs, Efficiency

Today Audubon is comprised of four affiliates, which include Audubon Engineering, Audubon Field Services, Cimation, and Affinity.

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Here are some of our customers who leverage ReconArt to support their reconciliation and close processes.

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