The international investment space presents some of the most challenging and complex transactional workflows. Due to inherent complexity and extensive reporting and compliance requirements, both timeliness and auditability are mainstream needs in the space. The reconciliation activities in the investment industry, however, are some of the least automated and standardized. Where traditional reconciliation vendors fail to deliver investment industry tailored products and solutions, ReconArt brings exceptional value and experience in reconciling positions, derivative instruments, trades and cash. We organize and present your data for account reconciliation in the most useful ways – by client, fund, portfolio, currency, counter party, custodian, prime broker, or trading partner.


Transaction Matching for Investments

ReconArt addresses product-wide reconciliation and encompasses both traditional balanced Trades/Cash reconciliations and positions or balance reconciliations. Our rich, out-of-the-box data import and enrichment functionality enables clients to quickly and efficiently capture, transform, enrich, match and reconcile activity from a myriad of prime brokers, custodians and banks. We enable any division in your enterprise to tap into the same single reconciliation platform – Trading, Back Office, Operations, Treasury, Settlement, Break Management, etc. We enable you to drill into trade differences and settlement activity from position breaks, enable automatic break management and resolution and give you a toolkit to tackle any data abnormality. This coupled with the certification module for financial close and period-end reconciliation delivers a powerful easy to use reconciliation platform for the entire Investment enterprise. For settlement accounts, ReconArt Connect enables capturing bank statements directly from thousands of institutions around the globe.

Here is a sample of the solution areas we support for the investment industry and affiliates:

  • Positions Reconciliation
  • Trade Summary and Detail
  • Cash Settlement
  • Net Settlement
  • Treasury Balancing
  • Available Funds
  • Security Master
  • Exception Management and Resolution
  • Regulatory Reporting for EMIR and Dodd Frank regulations

Implementations in the investment space usually range between a few weeks to a few months based on data availability, reconciliation footprint and reporting requirements. Deployment is fast and the natural organization of the application makes incremental implementation not only possible but advisable. This avoids the need for a “big bang” deployment.

Our clients in the investment space range from bank treasuries to equity firms, funds, shared services organizations, capital firms, asset managers, government and non-profit investors.

We are continually working with our investment space clients to enhance our offering. To date those activities have helped craft our world-class solution. Contact us today to learn more.

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