As one of ReconArt’s first key expertise areas, we have brought significant innovation into the international banking space. Whereas legacy solutions rely on single-sided, stale, client-server and batch-based models, ReconArt has excelled by offering next generation bank reconciliation software. The complexity of this industry coupled with the tight regulatory requirements that govern it have long been an inspiration for some of ReconArt’s most powerful functionality.


ReconArt covers the entire Bank Reconciliation Lifecycle – from high volume transactional

“I would never been able to do as much research and error resolution with our old recon program. I love ReconArt! :-)”

Brandy Wheeler
VP, Operations Manager
First National Bankers Bank

matching, GL and Balance Sheet reconciliation of any frequency, Financial close management, Period End review, attestation and certification of the Balance Sheet, to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Dodd-Frank and EMIR compliance. Ample corresponding reporting is available across all of these capabilities. ReconArt does this in a modern and intuitive way.

Designed to reside 100% in the business-banking layer, our solution delivers unprecedented speed, accuracy, insight and control to your financial integrity management processes.


ReconArt has established best practices in all of these account types and has standardized setup. This makes adding new accounts and types of reconciliations a simple business-owned task rather than a slow and costly endeavor involving IT and specialty resources.


Here is a sampling of account reconciliation types that are supported out-of-the-box in our consolidated web-based application.


  • GL Suspense Reconciliation
  • ATM and Teller Cash Reconciliation
  • Due From and Due To Reconciliations
  • Central Bank
  • Federal Reserve Reconciliation (Fed Rec)
  • Credit Cards
  • Mortgage Loans and Fees Reconciliation
  • Positions, Trades and Cash Reconciliations
  • Investments
  • Stock and Bonds Positions
  • Trade Reconciliations
  • Mark-to-Market and treasury tools
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Gateway activities


Implementing ReconArt’s bank reconciliation lifecycle software is fast and risk free. Most

“Easy implementation, easy to work with, automates the tedious job and frees up valuable time to focus on sorting out differences. Just the right tool to be In Control.”

Marco van Bakel
Financial Controller
Knab Bank

standard implementations are provided on a fixed-cost basis and implementation times range from a few weeks to a few months based on footprint, complexity and data readiness.

Both cloud-hosted and in-house options are available utilizing the same totally web based, zero client footprint implementation.


Our banking clients who use our bank reconciliation lifecycle software range from small to large regional and national Banks, Credit Unions, Private Banks and Trusts, International Banking groups, Banker’s Banks, and Electronic Internet Banks. Despite sharing many core similarities, each financial institution carries its own unique needs and challenges. We are committed to serving this industry group by providing an evolving and continuously maturing solution.


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