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Integration & Automation

ReconArt offers sophisticated capabilities to automate many aspects of the financial close management and certification process. These tools
allow teams to operate at a new level of efficiency — speeding and reducing effort while increasing accuracy. When our automation ability is
fully utilized, the team is free to focus on exception investigation and resolution thereby increasing accuracy while reducing risk and ensuring
timely completion of the period close.

Visibility & Reporting

Financial integrity operations are extremely important for any organization seeking to understand their full financial posture and to accurately
present the summary accounting to all concerned parties. For public companies or those adopting public-like processes, these needs are
compounded by external and internal mandates for timely reporting and role accountability. Typically, executing all the tasks required for up-to
standard close and certification requires a colossal amount of effort, which has rendered the process notoriously difficult, slow, and
unpleasant for many organizations. The ReconArt solution allows organizations to harness the power of automation to conduct account close and
certification execution as efficiently as possible by accelerating work assignments, increasing visibility into work progress and supporting all
auditing and reporting needs.

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Case Study

Case Study: New Generation Online Bank

Case Study: New Generation Online Bank

Industry: Banking
Focus: Large volume transaction matching, risk management

The Client is an online bank – a new generation banking institution that strives to make a difference through technology.

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ReconArt Customers

Here are some of the customers who leverage our reconciliation software to automate their reconciliation and close processes.

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Umpqua bank
Calgary co op B&W
Fullerton B&W
Fiat Chrysler
Boston private bank

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