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Santa Needs Reconciliation Software, Too

“He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice.
He’s gonna find out who’s been naughty or nice…”

Christmas is coming again – a busy period for Santa Claus.

Have you ever considered the enormous effort Santa is facing here? And we are not just talking about moving around with the speed of light. NASA will be tracking his sleigh dashing through the snowy sky.

There’s another side of the story.

Every year Santa has the important task to make a list of every single child in the world. According to World Bank statistics, the global population aged below 15 is currently approaching 2 billion. That means a heap of names and birth dates entries to make.

Then he has to gather or update his address book in order to accurately deliver the desired present to its recipient. Let’s assume he is granted an unlimited access to public records and can compile this list. Moreover, Santa diligently scrutinizes who’s been naughty and nice throughout the year and adds another column in the table.

Every December, the good old man receives millions of letters with Christmas present wishes. With the help of his dedicated assistants – the elves – he has to process them all. Different languages, different formats, various mediums. The toy inventory list can be endless, too.

The list of the toys to be manufactured is then forwarded to the North Pole workshops. As soon as the toys are ready, all beautifully wrapped and labelled, they are dispatched from the Arctic warehouse to be loaded on the reindeer sleigh.

At this point, Christmas Eve sets in and Santa sets off to distribute the precious load and bring happiness to children around the planet. He has to make sure every single child is visited and the right package is placed under the decorated Christmas tree.

Having said all this, we all wonder – how does Santa manage to pull off this daunting assignment? His job is critical – there is no tolerance for failure or errors. He brings hope and joy and his performance must be impeccable within unimaginably tight deadlines. How does he manage to keep track of the progress and stay on top of the workflow?

Just think – billions of children, their exact location, their behavior history, their present preferences, the toy manufacturing orders, the records of successful receipt. Millions and millions of lines of data to be matched and reconciled. No wonder that Santa, as mighty as he can be, has always been completely exhausted by December 25th every year, for centuries…

It does not have to be that way. Now Santa can finally automate this process. A cloud software solution (he would appreciate that) would enable him to access the system from every corner of the world, in real time. Data can be sourced, uploaded, matched and reconciled without the typical haste and hassle, eliminating the possibility of manual errors. No more scribbling and ticking out on a paper scrolls. It is 2018 going on 2019 after all! At the end of the silent, holy night it would be all peace and joy on earth…

ReconArt – zero compromise with the Christmas spirit!

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