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No other solution on the market today offers the combination of features, functions, benefits and options that ReconArt™ does. After all, why compromise?


ReconArt™ delivers a fully integrated, web-deployed, easily audited solution that provides a single environment for all your reconciliation activities.


About Us

ReconArt was born from the need for satisfaction and comfort - satisfaction in a comprehensive toolset to undertake reconciliations and period close and comfort in a wholesome and sustainable solution that was ready for the future. Manual processes, a multitude of spreadsheets, legacy reconciliation and period close software products with a high cost of ownership, and inboxes bulging with emails that could never be found when auditors asked for proof. These were the frustrations that the principals of ReconArt were dealing with daily and monthly prior to founding ReconArt in 2008. Having spent many years in support of finance and accounting teams, they felt these pains strongly. Just as strongly they were resolute to address these issues for their user community. They vowed to solve these issues and enable finance teams to effectively and efficiently conduct their routine surety work. Just over three years later the launch of the ReconArt™ Total Reconciliation Lifecycle™ into the North American made good on that promise.

Today, ReconArt is the fastest growing provider of reconciliation automation and period close management solutions. There’s a reason for this. It stems from a commitment and on-going partnership with our client base. It also stems from our technology. Built from scratch for the cloud using the latest proven zero footprint web technology, ReconArt™ offers totally flexibility to be accessed with no more than a secure internet connection from anywhere, or to be installed in your data center under your exclusive control. Furthermore, ReconArt™ is already integrated with thousands of data feeds and partner applications to get you up and running in no time at all.
With a global footprint across five continents and serving a wide range of industries, ReconArt™ is used daily by thousands of clients to automate manual processes, reduce operational risk, hasten and streamline period end financial close and ensure compliance. Whether in Banking and Financial Services, eCommerce, Government, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Securities and Investments, Telecommunications and Technology, or multiple other industries, ReconArt™ delivers intuitive functionality for the entire reconciliation lifecycle. From just one to hundreds of users, each of our customers enjoys the flexibility to rapidly scale, automate and control their important financial surety processes.
Join the growing ReconArt family of clients now and experience the rich benefits and immediate cost savings that they enjoy.

Mission & Values

Simply put, our mission is to always be the best reconciliation and financial close software solution in the market. What does that actually mean to you and our clients across the globe? Six great advantages differentiate us and stand as core values in our offerings:
  • Easy – ReconArt™ is the most intuitive, business-user focused solution out there. That’s what our customers tell us every day. And in the rare cases it’s not, they tell us how to get there and we do it.
  • Quick – ReconArt™ can be deployed in record time allowing you to reap the benefits and financial rewards immediately.
  • Scalable – Whether you have hundreds of users across your enterprise, or it’s just you looking for reconciliation automation, cost savings and control, ReconArt™ fits the bill through one of our standard editions.
  • Flexible – You want instant access in the cloud? You have it. You prefer to install in your data center? You can install rapidly then still access only through your browser.
  • Integrated – Through partnerships and standard hooks ReconArt™ is already integrated or exchanging data with a vast array of third party solutions.
  • Evolving – Standards changes, new legislation is passed, compliance requirements extend. ReconArt™ is developed using the latest proven technology and this fact, coupled with the highest continued investment by us into the product, means you will never be left behind the curve.

In summary, the ReconArt™ solution ensures the fastest adoption, the greatest return on investment and the best future proofing available. Want to learn more? Don't hesitate to contact us today.
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Our leadership is passionate and powerful team, dedicated to delivering an extremely positive experience to our valued clients

Hristo Marintchev
President & CEO
Founder and CEO, Hristo is active in all aspects of the business. Today, he is still compelled to be one the solution’s most knowledgeable users.
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Geri Davies
Vice President, Client Success
Geri loves being a part of our client’s successful journey with ReconArt. From the very first touch-points to running our solution in a steady-state and as “business-as-usual,” she is committed to only the best outcomes for the ReconArt family of customers.
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Ivan Popov
Chief Technology Officer
While Ivan has always steeped himself in technology and innovation, he is very focused on understanding the needs of our clients and ensuring our evolving product is ready to meet their changing needs.
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Jeremy Shanahan
Vice President, Business Solutions
Jeremy’s background in software development in support of core business operations and his care for client outcomes makes him uniquely tuned to identify opportunities to better support our clients - today and in the future.
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Jarret Baker
Director of Operations
The “big bear” cares. Jarret ensures ReconArt’s operations are fully aligned with achieving success in the operations of our clients.
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