System Notification & Prompts

Key Benefits

  • Get timely updates on data import results, reconciliation runs, exceptions, overdue activities and other actions due
  • Automatically identify high-risk or non-standard transactions
  • Subscribe to real-time, post-event or digest summary notifications based on your preferences
  • Inform, remind, escalate. Resolve all issues in a timely fashion and complete all due actions as per your schedule


Overview: System notification functionality is integrated in all ReconArt modules, allowing configurable notifications to be sent to recipients based on various events: data import outcome, reconciliation process completion, existence of exceptions, due dates for certifications. Notifications can be real-time, triggered by a specific event or sent on a specified schedule once or multiple times to a defined list of recipients (including users of the system as well as external recipients).

Purpose: Notifications are designed to provide needed information in the most useful format and frequency. Using integration with system filters, specific transactions can be identified during import and notifications for them can be trigged. This means high-risk or unusual transactions can be identified quickly and easily. Through the flexible configuration in the system, notifications for items that will soon age or are now overdue can be generated on a daily basis and sent to the people responsible for their resolution.

Compliance: Usage of notifications helps achieve compliance with company policies for outstanding item resolution time and certification policies.



  • Timely processing of reconciliations and the resulting outstanding items
  • Identification of problematic transactions within a high volume data set
  • Monitor the progress for a large number of accounts and account types
  • Timely identification of failures during the scheduled import process


The Solution:

  • Our capabilities allow scheduling reminder notifications for due date approaching, due date passed and escalation notifications to another recipient if help is needed.
  • Filter notifications allow for user-defined criteria, allowing filters to search for transactions on a scheduled basis and to notify the user if such transactions exist in the current active set of transactions.
  • Escalation notifications can be set situations where a delay above the accepted threshold occurs.   Managers and other concerned team members can receive notifications to ensure timely resolution of issues and adherence to practice and policy.
  • Notifications can be harnessed to alert to import failures supporting resolution before the daily reconciliation process starts.


Setup Versatility:  The filtering criteria, notification schedule, recipients, notification texts can all be defined by the administrator of the system through the system interface.





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