Integration of Recon Data

Key Benefits

  • Quick integration of data/information into and out of ReconArt
  • Business unit can be self-sufficient to integrate data
  • Minimal reliance on IT resources
  • Easy-to-use interfaces to configure import and export of data including transformation, enrichment and load


Overview: ReconArt provides a rich set of tools in its Integration module to allow easy integration into and out of the solution with its ETL capabilities. Such flows can easily be configured and managed by business unit team members without reliance on potentially costly and scarce IT resources.

Purpose: Traditionally, integration between systems has always been a difficult concept. Many projects intended to enhance financial operations have in fact failed due to the lack of a reliable way for data to flow between systems. Specifically designed to be able to work with any third party system, ReconArt has cultivated a rich set of Integration capabilities.

Integration Challenges:

  • Reliance on IT resources. Often integration between and among systems and data providers requires engagement of scarce in-house IT resource or costly IT consultants.
  • Number of Interfaces. The number of integrations and the structure of the data flowing through them can be significant and varied. Accounting for the differences and ensuring data integrity might be a consistent challenge.
  • Rate of Change. With changes in partners and internal systems there could be disruption and re-aligning interfaces could take significant time.
  • Inefficient Integration. Frequently this “integration” is in fact a series of fully manual steps to retrieve data or massage it for structure and scrub it for quality.


Integration Solution:

  • Business-owned Integration. Using our Integration module, business users can easily configure an integration. Using a drag-and-drop interface and Excel-like capabilities, the Integration module makes it quick and easy to map, normalize, transform and enrich data.
  • Rapid Integration. The intuitive design of the Integration module allows self-sufficiency for the business unit, while offering quick configuration of any changes – whether they be due to business expansion or other changes in the business environment.
  • Ready-to-Use Templates. We have a number of ready-to-use templates for inter-operating with standard data files such as SWIFT, BAI and industry-specific formats. It is easy to create your own templates as well.
  • Better Quality. Our integration capabilities eliminate the need for any manual steps in the integration process. This ensures there are no integrity issues (e.g. manual and unaudited manipulation of data) as well as a consistency in data structure and meaning. As a result, executing business rules against the data will give better results and a higher overall quality of the matching process.
  • Automated and behind the scenes. With our automation capabilities, any integration can be automated so that business data can be on-boarded or off-boarded with all the integrity and efficiency that your enterprise demands.



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