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ReconArt Reconciliation Solutions & Tools

Transactional matching – the comparison and relationships between data based on certain criteria – is often the most strenuous part of the reconciliation process from an operational perspective. Among the factors which often make a manual or Excel-based matching problematic are:

  • Data availability
  • Different data formats
  • Volume of data
  • Complexity of data
  • Complexity of matching logic
  • Lack of visibility in process
  • Sufficient auditability
reconciliation software

Legacy solutions address some of these aspects in different measures. Due to outdated functionality and design, however, they have left many business users unable to easily onboard new processes or maintain and control existing ones.

ReconArt’s wide array of reconciliation matching solutions and tools offer powerful functionality around all these needs, packaged in a business-user friendly way. Matching accounts – be they single, two, or multi-sided – are easy to set up and administer. Data availability and consistency is facilitated with a sophisticated ETL tool. Match rules can be as simple or as complex as they need to be. The best part: they can run automatically via our enterprise-class Scheduler along with other steps in the process. And it doesn’t stop there. There are multiple options to accommodate your post-matching needs, such as Exception Management, Case Management, and various export, Journals, and Reporting capabilities.

Our latest generation solution is easy-to-use, high performance, and ready-to-scale. The ReconArt solution will immediately return value to the operation in the form of quality, efficiency, and control.

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