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What is Bank spelled backwards?

What is the word ‘Bank’ spelled back-to-front?  Well it’s obviously Knab, but why do I ask?  Because it’s the name of one of our valued clients that has just gone live.  And when I say ‘gone live’ I mean in two very different but complementary ways.  First of all the folks at Knab have just very recently gone live as a company.   As a result, they have also gone formally live with their deployment of the ReconArt™ Total Reconciliation Lifecycle™ solution.

A while ago we were approached by some people who claimed to be involved with one of the world’s largest insurance providers, AEGON in the Netherlands, and who were starting a competitive analysis of reconciliation technology to find the best solution out there.  I laugh about it now, but at the time I was skeptical, maybe even a little suspicious.  The email address didn’t match an AEGON one and there was nothing to search about this entity on the web.  Who could this really be?  Well, further research showed that it was a new bank in the making with no public face, one trying to steal a competitive edge by offering something different and exciting.  Suddenly this new prospective client felt a little like ReconArt itself: new, exciting, better.

Roll forward to today and now Knab is out there in the open.  Read on to see what its Controller had to say about ReconArt™ in yesterday’s press release:

Knab goes live with ReconArt reconciliation technology


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