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Customer Leverages ReconArt™ for “Out of the Box” Win

Here at ReconArt™ we love to hear of our customers’ success stories.  We are really proud of the intuitive yet functional reconciliation platform we have developed.  That said, nothing cheers us more than hearing how are clients are using the ReconArt™ platform in ways that even we had never considered.  I was on a call recently with one of our valued clients discussing how they might drive even greater ROI from their investment in our ReconArt.net™ Software-as-a-Service deployment by expanding use of the product into other areas.  My client was clearly interested in pursuing this avenue given the successes of their initial implementation.  In passing she mentioned that one of her co-workers had already found a totally different use for the ReconArt™ platform.  I was intrigued, so reached out to him.  So impressed was I with the email that I got back that, with his consent, I am sharing its contents unaltered.  I hope that the communication we received which I have copied below will show our other customers how easily they can get more and more from their ReconArt™ deployments.

So here goes…..

Email from Blake Tolbird, First National Bankers Bank, Baton Rouge, LA

After we began using ReconArt™ for account reconcilement I had a thought, hope and “light bulb” moment that the system may be able to help with another area in need.  First National Bankers Bank has a product which offers cashletter clearing services to customer banks at reduced pricing.  The service was established years ago but has become very popular and participants’ savings continue to grow. Our process for demonstrating savings to interested customers is to provide a pricing comparison of current and proposed FNBB Pricing.  Due to the nature of cashletter processing and thousands of possible routing number endpoints the comparison process became tedious; and demand great.

Our process was very manual.  Staff utilized pages of spreadsheets, pencils and highlighters to get the job done.  Our staff would manipulate columns of data and sort and filter each set several times to get results.  Those results then had to be organized into a report format to analyze and create a proposal for our customer.  We always collect the same information for comparisons and I knew there had to be a better way to get our desired output.  I thought about ReconArt™, and the tables and reference codes used for account reconcilement.  The reference codes segregate transactions types just as we needed to segregate pricing tiers.

Using that starting point, and some trial and error , we were able to define data fields as needed to get accurate comparisons for our customers. The tedious method was shortened to uploading a data file and clicking a Run button.  Using the standard Crystal Reports in the ReconArt™ system our results are easily read and able to be printed so that we can create our customer proposal.

Utilizing the ReconArt™ system allows us to expedite customer requests and free up staff for other projects and tasks.

Congratulations, Blake.  You have proven what we have always claimed: that ReconArt™ offers what is probably the most flexible, intuitive and easy deploy enterprise-class reconciliation tool on the market today.

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