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Another Stellar Year for ReconArt

Once again, and for a second year in a row, ReconArt delivered fantastic growth in 2014. Just as our reconciliation software technology set progresses from strength to strength and remains unsurpassed in the industry for its intuitive flexibility, so too does our company. When the ReconArt™ Total Reconciliation Lifecycle™ solution was first launched at the beginning of 2011, we were confident that we were bringing to market the very best product. What we lacked then was a customer base full of real-world users. Thank you, to all our existing and new clients who endorsed us during 2014 in significantly increasing numbers and invested in the latest generation reconciliation and financial close solution. As a result, ReconArt more than doubled its business against the prior year.

ReconArt™ technology has been deployed into an even broader global and industry footprint to
supplement the already large North American client base. We experienced our successful entrance into the African continent. With clients representing multiple facets of the global financial services industry, ReconArt™ has moved into the Micro Finance and Global International Payments sectors. We undertook successful implementations – both directly and through partners – in new countries in the Asia Pacific region including Singapore. We experienced a rapidly expanding opportunity base and client footprint in Australia. With a historically strong base in the United Kingdom, ReconArt™ was deployed at several new sites across Europe as well.

ReconArt’s Business Partner program has delivered great benefits last year as well. Our partner
community encompasses two primary groups. The first group involves resellers who embed ReconArt™ technology into their product offerings to add value for their clients. The second instance involves global and regional partners who bring ReconArt into their portfolio and work alongside us to provide a complete technology solution. As a result, we saw a significant expansion of ReconArt™ across multiple geographies with expansion into the eCommerce, Retail and Energy sectors. We also saw a doubling of our user base in the worldwide Securities and Investments space that leverages the solution’s industryspecific functionality. Our attendance at partners’ annual customer events in Californiav, London and
Sydney provided great exposure to the immediate benefits that ReconArt™ brings with automated reconciliation and financial control capabilities.

We had two primary goals when we first launched ReconArt™ four years ago. The first was to offer the very best reconciliation and financial close solution building upon our experiences of having used multiple legacy competitor products. We achieved that. The second, and most important, was continually to increase investment in our offering, thus guaranteeing we remain ahead of the curve through innovation and deploying the latest proven technology. In summary, our family of staff and other ReconArtists including clients and partners should all be very excited. Together we are progressing and adding increased value to our businesses. The numbers tell the story. Thank you.

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