The reconciliation challenges facing travel industry today

And how major players are replacing out-of-date and resource-intensive processes with ReconArt's cloud-based reconciliation solution.

ReconArt’s robust and flexible cloud-based solution helps Travel Industry Accounting, Finance, and Operations teams eliminate time spent on manual or spreadsheet-based reconciliation. With ReconArt, they can focus on exception investigation thanks to powerful automation functionalities.

Tackle Data Issues

ReconArt's powerful import functionality allows business users to standardize all kinds of data formats on import. Common business logic can be applied for transaction types across vendors, partners and both internal and external systems.

For Travel Industry reconcilers, dealing with statements and invoices from multiple suppliers, banks and payment gateways is often a big challenge.

ReconArt provides rich Integration tools that make it easy to map, normalize, transform and enrich data, ensuring a painless data flow.

Match Millions in Minutes

ReconArt is unique in is its ability to automatically match high volumes of transactions with dynamic variances on any definable logic and in any configuration. ReconArt’s high speed matching engine can efficiently and accurately isolate exceptions in high volume accounts.

The heavy transaction volumes of Travel Industry often leave reconcilers days or weeks behind – by the time they discover a problem, it might be too difficult or impossible to resolve it in a best-practice way.

By switching to ReconArt’s daily automated matching users can eliminate manual errors and improve visibility of exception items. The best part? This can all be administered and controlled by the business users themselves.

Close the Loop

Although usually the most time consuming, Matching is just one part of reconciliation. ReconArt can also automatically categorize Exceptions for investigation, trigger notifications, or even handle your entire Period-End Balance Sheet Reconciliation.

In the Travel Industry, it is essential that payments representing services rendered by the company or an external supplier are properly tracked – not just for operational purposes, but also for upholding business reputation.

From ReconArt, matched invoices and credit notes can be automatically exported and sent directly to an accounting system.

Journal Entry approval as well as SOX-compliant period-end close workflows are also available for those companies who wish to fully capture their Total Reconciliation Lifecycle in ReconArt.


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Travel, Hospitality and Leisure is one of our fastest growing industries, as our client base now includes agencies around the globe. The built-in flexibility and our experience in travel industry-related reconciliations allows ReconArt to serve the reconciliation needs of small, medium-sized and big companies.

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