These days it’s hard to understand how any organization would not consider themselves a “Technology” firm.  Whether you are producing technology for others or whether you are adopting technology, one thing remains clear: Technology firms (both producers –AND- adopters) understand the importance of leveraging technology to maximize opportunity. ReconArt’s next generation solution delivers these capabilities and fosters the hallmarks of successful Technology firms: agility, growth and insight.



Technology firms are known as innovators and disruptors with goals of rapid growth while supporting high levels of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Those aspects tend to be “baked in” to the core line-of-business operations. They might not, however, be cared for in the same way when it comes to the firm’s financial operations. This can leave the finance, accounting and audit teams at a serious disadvantage. It is even possible that those challenges could constrain the very objectives of the broader organization. ReconArt enables Technology firms to tool-up their financial operations team with capabilities in which agility, growth, control and insight are “baked in.” These capabilities will ensure enabled teams restore and retain operational leverage and keep pace with the demands of the business.

Agility is directly supported through automation features and by enabling your team toward self-sufficiency. Whenever the inevitable occurs – changes in vendors, new accounts, acquisitions or organizational consolidation – ReconArt will allow you to respond quickly.

When your transaction set grows, ReconArt will provide you with the headroom you need to take it on. Our sophisticated matching and automation features ensure you have an optimized exception-based process that allows for scaling volumes within your team. Additionally, collaboration and exceptions management features ensure you efficiently focus on closing down those items and associated risk.

Of course, not all challenges are based in capacity. ReconArt implements best practices and supports compliance and audit needs straight out-of-the-box. In our solution, all actions are fully audited and controlled. Our account reconciliation software for the technology industry and certification capabilities allow you to follow SOX and Dodd-Frank directives. This is important whether you are mandated to comply or whether you want to adhere to these standards voluntarily. In either case, you will ensure that new value is brought to your process with the ReconArt solution.

Understanding the opportunity that any investment offers is key in the Technology enterprise. This includes being conscious of the investments made in financial operations. Adoption of the ReconArt solution will allow your organization to re-invest the value of efficiencies into other high-opportunity areas and enable your teams as full and faithful partners in optimizing investment.

Here is a sampling of the reconciliation solutions provided to our Technology clients in our unified, web-based solution:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Inter-company
  • Ledger-to-Sub ledger
  • Stocks, Bonds, Equity
  • Trade Settlement Reconciliations
  • Transaction Lifecycle
  • System-to-System
  • Credit Card, Merchant and Gateway

Our implementation can be delivered with agility as well. Most standard implementations are provided on a fixed-cost basis with implementation time ranging from a few weeks to a few months based on footprint, complexity and data readiness. The solution can be utilized using our SaaS option hosted with ReconArt or self-hosted utilizing your data center and infrastructure. In either case, both options are delivered to your user community in the exact same manner, utilizing our totally web-based, zero-impact solution.

Whether your firm’s primary line of business is technology, is a technology adopter or simply embraces the values of a technology company, ReconArt is your enabling partner. We remain committed to serving this diverse and dynamic community by providing an evolving and continuously maturing solution. Because ReconArt is a Technology company itself, we understand the community’s challenges and dreams from multiple perspectives.

We would be pleased to discuss our offering and hope you will invite us to explore how we can add value in your environment. Contact us today to learn more about our account reconciliation software for the technology industry.

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