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ReconArt provides significant flexibility and scalability that is well-valued in the Retail space. While legacy solutions may require a business to adapt its processes to fit the solution, ReconArt gives industry clients the framework and configurability needed to establish a Total Reconciliation Lifecycle tuned to their specific needs. ReconArt’s recon software for eCommerce and retail is a perfect fit for the high transactional volumes of this industry typically reconciling at least three sources: bank, merchant account, and internal GL system – often dealing with multiple currencies.


Our enterprise-class solution provides out-of-the-box functionality needed to establish any required reconciliation processes for Retail clients – from invoicing, cash/card payments, inventory management, and tracking location to internal reconciliations and balance sheet certification. ReconArt delivers this in an intuitive, easy-to-learn way, which is scalable and configurable to match the specific needs of the business.



ReconArt can be used at an extremely detailed level – for example reconciling an individual Point of Sale, or a specific supplier account. It is also capable of operating at an enterprise level – for example aggregating and then reconciling payment data across multiple points-of-sale in multiple geographies. The scalability of our recon software for eCommerce and retail is unmatched by other solutions, and allows your business to utilize our solution for your current needs while giving ample headroom for future needs. Whether your growth is organic or the result of specific strategies, acquisitions or consolidations, rest assured that the ReconArt advantage future-proofs your operation.

Here is a sampling of the reconciliation types supported out-of-the-box in our unified, web-based solution:


  • POS payment reconciliation
  • Invoices billed/received reconciliation
  • Supplier payment reconciliation
  • Balance sheet certification
  • Payment processor reconciliation
  • Merchant accounts
  • Due From and Due To Reconciliations
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Currency accounts
  • Payroll reconciliation
  • Cash and card payments
  • Chargebacks and returns
  • Gift Cards/vouchers
  • Logistics (Inventory/personnel management)



Though our support for the functionality of the Retail and e-Commerce industry is vast, implementing ReconArt is fast and risk-free. The solution can be hosted by ReconArt or hosted on-premise using your existing in-house infrastructure. Most standard implementations can be accomplished with quick turn-arounds on a fixed-cost basis with implementation time ranging from a few weeks to a few months based on footprint, complexity and data readiness. In either case, our product is delivered to your user base in the exact same manner, utilizing our 100% web-based, zero-footprint solution.

Our Retail and e-Commerce industry clients provide the perfect illustration of ReconArt’s scalability. Our solution has been deployed in large Retail businesse where there is a large volume of transactions spread across numerous points-of-sale, to smaller organizations focusing more on direct payment data and currency reconciliation. At ReconArt we are also familiar with industry POS software and shopping cart leaders such as RetailPro and Magento, and have the knowledge needed to seamlessly establish data flow from your capture systems into our solution.

ReconArt is a strong partners for our clients – working together to best implement our solution to meet your exact needs. We believe that our unique solution will not only add value to your business, but will also improve your relationship with internal and external clients, adding a level of detail and transparency to the reconciliation process that other solutions cannot match.

We hope you will take the time to explore our solution for the Retail and e-Commerce community and will invite us to discuss how we can add value in your environment. Have questions or need more information about recon software for eCommerce and retail? Contact us today; we are happy to help.

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