At ReconArt, Client Success is one of our core values. In times of challenging events, we have plans, processes and teams in place to ensure our service works seamlessly, so our customers can be confident that we will be available throughout this disruption.

Keeping Our Systems and Services Operational

ReconArt maintains business continuity plan as part of the ISO 27001 certification. The plan is regularly reviewed and updated, both periodically and as needed to address significant changes. Recognizing the criticality in the event of a pandemic, we also have prepared a pandemic-specific playbook. 

Our approach is designed to ensure that ReconArt’s service remains available to our customers during unexpected and challenging events. The system architecture is designed to be flexible and allow usage of the data center geographically situated in the location that provides best performance and availability for our customers. Our infrastructure is well distributed – ReconArt is deployed in different data centers around the world to ensure redundancy in the event that one region becomes unhealthy or goes offline entirely. 

Our business continuity planning is also intended to ensure we will have open channels for timely communications with our customers. 

Remote Work

Serving a versatile client base globally, all ReconArt sales, implementation, support and maintenance services can be delivered remotely. This created a style of work that is deeply embedded in our culture and ensures that being separated from our teammates does not impact our ability to do our jobs. 

Thanks to our technology, ReconArt employees are  able to  work remotely and have the resources and tools they need to do their jobs securely from any location. We monitor daily the new developments and follow official guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the relevant national government and health authorities. We make sure the recommended preventive measures are properly communicated and strictly applied within our team.

Response to COVID-19

We do not foresee any impact to the delivery of the ReconArt service due to COVID-19, and as always, we are committed to keeping our systems and services up and running for our customers around the globe. Our cloud-based architecture model and distributed data centers approach is designed to operate without any service disruptions. ReconArt customer help desk system and client support will also continue to operate without disturbance, based on remote work principles, if deemed necessary.

We will continue to assess our plans, and share relevant updates, as needed.