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Viewpost – Customer Success Story

“Ease of use was a big reason why we selected ReconArt ™.”

Company Profile

Founded in 2011, Viewpost created a business-to-business network that removes the barriers businesses face during the exchange of invoices and payments. By democratizing information flow, simplifying process and removing costs and complexity that deter adoption, Viewpost effectively connects people to payments within a network of possibilities.

With a single, free connection to the secure Viewpost® network, businesses of any size exchange electronic invoices and share invoice status updates with their trading partners at no cost. Businesses can also exchange payment for those invoices electronically, sending funds directly between their accounts at any bank. To better manage cash flow, a buyer with extra cash can offer to pay early for a discount and suppliers that need cash can ask for early payment. Trading partners easily connect with one another to save the time, cost and aggravation associated with invoicing and payments. Viewpost eliminates paper invoices and checks, provides real-time visibility into receivables and payables, and improves cash flow to make everyday business more efficient than ever.


Viewpost conducted an in-depth analysis of the tools available on the market through various functional and technical questionnaires and a Proof-of-Concept evaluation.

Kerry McGovern, Director of Treasury at Viewpost best describes what led to the selection of the ReconArt™ solution:

“Ease of use was a big reason why we selected ReconArt™. As accounting and finance people, we are big Excel users and we found that the import, match rules, and other related functions in ReconArt™ allowed us to leverage already existing skills. As business users, we could really relate to the logic of the system.”

Viewpost opted for the cloud-based ReconArt.net™ solution to handle the initial processes it was looking to automate. The product was live and running in less than 30 working hours spread over several weeks to accommodate Viewpost’s busy schedule as a fast growing organization. This set-up and configuration were followed by a very thorough training to wrap up the implementation.


Viewpost has seen a lot of efficiencies as a direct result of implementing ReconArt™. Manual data manipulation in Excel is no longer an activity that consumes multiple hours of valuable time. ReconArt™ has significantly increased visibility into all reconciliation processes. It has helped strengthen financial control by identifying and categorizing exception items, allowing these to be addressed promptly, and providing the analytics to minimize their recurrence in the future.

Viewpost had enjoyed a very positive experience with ReconArt’s implementation specialists and oversight resource, who consistently offered prompt and comprehensive support. This thorough style of work spilled over into the user-training portion of the project as well, where Viewpost was provided with timely and helpful answers on how to make the most of the system. By way of example, early on during live running of the system a new employee in a key role reached out for additional user training. This was immediately delivered with a 1-on-1 interactive web-based training with a ReconArt™ specialist supplemented by detailed online product documentation.

The same expert ReconArt resources have since been available for questions or additional assistance, helping further the excellent working relationship between the Viewpost and ReconArt teams. Both companies have found a great, long-term match in each other as partners, and look forward to working together more in the near future to deliver ever greater value as Viewpost’s business continues to expand.
What’s next?

To the question: “What future opportunities do you see for using ReconArt™”, Kerry McGovern comments:

“We are currently expanding our use of ReconArt to include the reconciliation of our expenses management system to corresponding credit card activity. There are also additional bank reconciliations that we will add to the platform – we are able to onboard new processes rapidly in phases. We anticipate adding a couple of additional users to the system very soon.”

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