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Insuring Your Risks: Partnering For Success

I was going to start off describing what we do here at ReconArt. In simple terms, we help our clients with their period, quarter and year-end financial close management and, leading up to that, make sure that all relevant accounts are properly reconciled. Then I suddenly realized something…

In a perfect world, we shouldn’t exist.

Sadly, however, we don’t live in a perfect world. We are all used to putting on a seat belt every time we jump in the car. But without accidents seat belts wouldn’t exist. We immunize our kids, and hopefully ourselves, against diseases. But if there were none, the dreaded syringe just wouldn’t be around.

So we adopt technology to minimize risk and insure against future problems. And that’s why ReconArt is out there with its rapidly growing global footprint. It provides insurance to our clients by spotting problems early on. It provides the tools to monitor, fix and minimize their recurrence. It helps ensure regulatory and statutory compliance.

What’s good for our clients, however, is great news for our business partners. ReconArt™ is a key component of best financial practice and carries with it great value across every industry in every corner of the globe. That said, it is a niche solution. No non-specialist solution provider – whether offering a general ERP product or technology for a particular industry – could or should be expected to come up with what ReconArt™ offers. And that’s in no way a criticism. Indeed, as you read on, I mean it as praise for our partners. Reconciliation and its downstream financial close are all we do – and deliberately. So, without wanting to sound arrogant, that means we do it better than anyone else.

Our partners figured this out a while ago. Some have ReconArt™ in their solution kit bag. For instance, Advanced Business Solutions headquartered in the UK, offers ReconArt™ alongside its financial management solutions to existing and prospective clients. It has helped Advanced provide added value to existing clients and win new business in a highly competitive market,

Others, such as Imagine Software with a global footprint of clients across four continents in the investments industry, use ReconArt™ to provide an integrated, automated reconciliation solution to clients as part of their platforms. Then there are partners who white label and deploy ReconArt™ to maintain a competitive advantage such as MphasiS, who offers mRec as part of its Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) product.

Finally, there’s our rapidly expanding partnership with NetSuite around the world. We proudly publish the names and logos of our clients who consent right on ReconArt’s homepage. Coincidentally, I noticed something interesting last week in the list of ‘Our Latest ReconArtists’, as our newest clients are affectionately dubbed. They all happened to be users of the NetSuite platform spanning widely different industries in different geographies.

So that’s why ReconArt exists. Insurance for our users. A competitive edge for our partners.

Nicolo Nisbett is ReconArt’s Executive Vice President who oversees the company’s sales and marketing operations globally. With over 25 years’ experience of bringing financial-focused software technology solutions to market, he has been responsible for building multiple partnerships to deliver added value to customers. Nicolo can be contacted at nicolo.nisbett@reconart.com.

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