The ReconArt Solution Advantage


Solution Advantage

When you adopt the ReconArt solution, you immediately enjoy a number of benefits that set us apart from other providers.


Care for the Client Case

ReconArt makes great effort to understand our clients, their challenges and how we can support them on their journey of continual improvement. This occurs at many different levels. Certainly, we understand industries, products, practices and scenarios. We also take great care to understand each client’s unique operation and how our tool can support the success of their teams.



Multiple Reconciliation Options & Tools

The ReconArt solution is fit-for-purpose against a wide range of surety operations for reconciliation and certification. Our technology for matching is an outstanding enabler for organizations looking to super-charge their reconciliation work. Our workflow capabilities ensure your reconciliation and certification follows a standard, repeatable and reliable process that conforms to your internal policies and any applicable external policies.

Read more about our account reconciliation or financial close management solutions.



Rapidly Deployed Solutions

Implementations using the ReconArt platform are very quick. This is possible using our web-based application, which can be hosted in your data center or hosted in the cloud using our SaaS model.



As the solution is 100% web-based, there is zero technical footprint required to deliver the application to the user except through standard web browsers.

Additionally, introducing the tool into the environment can be done in a very iterative fashion – account by account, product by product, region by region…whatever you like. This allows you to take immediate advantage of the great benefit the platform has to offer while avoiding a “big bang” adoption. As such, projects to transform the operation using our super-efficient tools are significantly de-risked.



Highly Scalable in Transactions & User Numbers

Our systems and technology were put together from the ground up with scalability in mind. This is both in terms of volumes of data and in terms of the number of users. The user base can be distributed across teams, departments, locations and geographies.



Support for Multiple Languages & Jurisdictions

Our platform supports multi-language, global locales and multi-currency. Global teams benefit from native representation.


Return bandwidth w/ Efficiencies

Adoption of our toolset is a significant enabler for finance teams. It creates new efficiencies that allow resources to be re-directed to more important work. It allows a deeper leveraging of staff whose bandwidth can be invested in more meaningful ways.


Constant Evolution

We are constantly re-investing in our solution. This includes functional enhancements as well as reworking of the technical implementation. This process of constant evolution is helped by ideas from our clients as well as our innate drive to deliver more value with our solution. Our clients are always sure to get the very best set of capabilities in the most performant and reliable package available.

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