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Import & Data Management

The first step in the ReconArt™ total reconciliation lifecycle is getting data into the solution from any number of internal or external sources. Transactions, balances, non-financial data, you name it. ReconArt™ has been designed to handle them all.
From within the ReconArt™ 100% web-based Admin module, the one-time data mapping and optional transformation and enrichment functions have been designed for total simplicity without compromising functionality. Users can simply drag and drop from a source file data element - graphically displayed - to the target ReconArt™ destination field. 
Where more complex data transformation and enrichment is required this can be simply added at the press of a button, with the results displayed graphically in the very same view. Furthermore, ReconArt™ is delivered out-of-the-box with an ever growing suite of standard mapping configurations covering everything from BAI and BAI2 bank files to SWIFT message imports. 
It's all about simplicity and rapid deployment to minimize implementation times and maximize ROI - Why Compromise?
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