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Different organizations have different priorities - and these may change over time. ReconArt addresses all of your current and future deployment needs. Option #1: ReconArt™ installed in-house on your servers and under your control. Option #2: the no hardware, no software, instantly available ReconArt.net™ Cloud Computing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution offering. Option #3: Recon-Art's on-line reconciliation service, ReconArt.plus™. Each of these options afford you maximum flexibility in terms of how you deliver the same solution to your users. It's all about choice in deployment options that make best sense for your organization both now and tomorrow as you continue to grow - Why Compromise?
  • If your organization's preference is to retain full control of computing applications and all their data in-house, managed by your own technology resources, great. ReconArt™ is available as a full, web-based solution that can be installed on your servers and delivered entirely through thin-client, ...
  • No hardware, no software, no initial installation, no upgrades, instantly available. Do these options sound appealing? Some organizations wish to maintain full control of their reconciliation environment, data and processes in-house. Others have different priorities, and it is for this reason ...
  • Alternatively, if your organization wants to eliminate all routine reconciliation tasks let the ReconArt.plus™ fully hosted and serviced solution take on the work, leaving you just with second line exception resolution, period end review and sign off, reporting and analytics. The ReconArt.plus™ ...
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