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Finally, what do you do with all your historic data - the information you are unlikely to review on a regular basis, but which you might need access to for audit or other purposes. ReconArt™ provides as standard an Archive module that allows matched transactions, and all their associated exception and case management activities, to be transferred in a scheduled, automated fashion to the archive according to data retention and other compliance needs at whatever timetable you need. You can choose to archive individual accounts, groups of accounts, or all accounts. And, best of all, no separate archive system needs to be installed and managed, or accessed by end users to view archived data. 
While the archiving capabilities of ReconArt™ are there to maximize performance of the system and the efficiency of users as they go about their daily reconciliation activities, ease of access to archived data needs to be simple and immediate, just like the rest of ReconArt™, and it uses the same web interface. Simple, one-click archiving - Why Compromise?
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